Improving your services, the DevOps way

devops-italiaOn March 10th I was in Bologna for Incontro DevOps Italia 2017, the Italian DevOps meeting organized by the great people at BioDec. The three tracks featured several talks in both Italian and English, and first-class international speakers. And, being a conference in Bologna, it also featured first-class local food that no other conference around the world will ever be able to match.

In my presentation, “Improving your services, the DevOps way”, I illustrated the methodology we used in Opera to improve our mail service with a rolling approach, where the new infrastructure was built alongside the existing one through collaboration and a mix of agile and DevOps techniques, and progressively replaced it. The slides are available on SpeakerDeck.

I understand from the organizers that the recordings will be available some time in April. However, they will be of little use for non-Italian speakers, since at the very last minute I decided to hold the speech in Italian — a choice that I deeply regretted. I have a plan to do the presentation again for the DevOps Norway meetup group, though I haven’t set a date yet. When I do, I’ll see if I can at least provide a Periscope stream.


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