Improving your services, the DevOps way

devops-italiaOn March 10th I was in Bologna for Incontro DevOps Italia 2017, the Italian DevOps meeting organized by the great people at BioDec. The three tracks featured several talks in both Italian and English, and first-class international speakers. And, being a conference in Bologna, it also featured first-class local food that no other conference around the world will ever be able to match.

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No leap second simulations this year

TurnBackTimeAs some of my readers already know, I changed jobs in Novembre: I left Opera Software to join Telenor Digital. We have decided not to run any leap second simulation here, so I am not going to publish anything on the subject this year. You can still refer to the post The leap second aftermath for some suggestions I wrote after the latest leap second we had in June/July 2015.

Good luck!

Sorry for the silence, but…

You may have already read, either from Opera’s official statement or from third party news, that we had a security breach. As you can imagine, that has been keeping me (and my colleagues) very busy, and still is.

I had a post planned, explaining how we successfully executed both a reorganization of our policy structure, and, at the same time, an upgrade of CFEngine from version 3.3.5 to 3.4.4, but I’ll have to put it on hold until the dust settles. In the meanwhile, you can still follow me on twitter, where I find a few seconds each day to post some updates and suggestions for your sysadmin/devops life.

Thanks for your patience.

Italian Linux Day 2010

It's going to happen again for the tenth consecutive year. It's the Italian Linux Day, and I am going to present at the event in Cagliari.

I talked with a few colleagues about what the Italian Linux Day is, and it seems it's a kind of event that it's peculiar to Italy. That's why I decided to spend some half an hour to write about it in this blog and explain what it is. If you live in a different country than Italy, feel free to copy the idea and spread the word.

LUGs in Italy, and probably in all other countries, too, are more like a galaxy than like a phalanx. They don't coordinate, they don't act all together like an army. They do more or less the same things because they revolve around the same principle: share and spread knowledge about Linux and about Free Software.

What happened in 2001 is that the Italian Linux Society, and Davide Cerri in particular, realized that fact, and proposed the only kind of event that could unite all Italian LUGs together: the Linux Day.

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System Administrator Appreciation Day at Opera

First, we found a nice ticket filed for us, where our colleagues in another office showed their appreciation.

The ticket was filed with the code MOPS-1656, and they've been so nice that they even adapted an existing comic for that:

Then, we were brought in a meeting right before lunch, whose goal was to have us all away from our offices and then go all together in the canteen. When we got in the canteen, we found two "reserved" tables for us, with balloons, candies, and filled with caffeinated beverages.

When we came back to our offices, each one of us found a little candy, and this was mine:

…and, finally… cake! A BIG cake for us!!!

So, to all my Opera colleagues, and for all those that will fill like showing their appreciation in the future, thanks.