Bug or feature? Dereferencing of arrays and namespaces

CFEngineAgentNow that the upgrade from 3.4 to 3.6 is advancing slowly but steadily I am starting to check the features that are new in 3.6 compared to 3.4.  According to the docs namespaces were actually introduced in 3.4.0, but I didn’t take advantage of them yet, and it’s time to start.

When something is declared in a namespace (a bundle, a variable or whatnot) it must be referred to with its namespace. For example, if you declare a bundle test in the namespace nstest, you’ll refer to that bundle from outside the namespace (e.g. in the bundlesequence) as nstest:test. If you declare a variable, for example an array called conf in that bundle, that will be nstest:test.conf outside the namespace. So far so good.

Now, what happens inside the namespace? Well, I found one fact that is indeed surprising.

Consider this simple file:

body file control
      namespace => "nstest" ;

bundle agent test
      "conf[key1]" string => "value1" ;
      "conf[key2]" string => "value2" ;
      "conf[key3]" string => "value3" ;

	  expression => "any",
	  scope      => "namespace" ;

	  usebundle => engine("test.conf") ;

bundle agent engine(array_name)
      "keys" slist => getindices("$(array_name)") ;

      "$(keys) == $($(array_name)[$(keys)])" ;

and run it with CFEngine 3.6: you’ll get a surprising effect:

# cf-agent -KC -f ./namespaces.cf -b nstest:test
R: key1 == $(test.conf[key1])
R: key2 == $(test.conf[key2])
R: key3 == $(test.conf[key3])

Apparently, an non namespace-qualified name of test.conf was enough for getindices to understand and get the list of the keys for the array, but not for dereferencing the values. Replacing engine("test.conf") with engine("nstest:test.conf") yields the expected result:

# cf-agent -KC -f ./namespaces.cf -b nstest:test
R: key1 == value1
R: key2 == value2
R: key3 == value3

Is this a feature? A bug in the implementation of namespaces? A bug in getindices?


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