Wheezy and the leap second: a mystery?

Yesterday I reported about Debian Wheezy steppiTurnBackTimeng back one second, despite the settings in ntpd prohibiting step changes and the leap second not armed in the kernel. The clock in Debian Jessie didn’t step.

At first, I thought it depended on a different ntpd version shipped in the two distributions, but it turned out to be the same. That suggested me that I should have tried a new experiment: run two tests in parallel on wheezy, one with an ntpd running and the other without, to see if the one without ntpd would still step back.

To my biggest surprise, no step happened in either.

This suggests that there must have been something odd in yesterday’s experiment and I should repeat it, while watching the configurations and set up more closely. As always, I’ll keep you posted. Until then, take care.


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