Solaris 11 as an NFS client to Linux

Other strangeness again, but I am not going to blame it on Solaris this time 🙂 I was trying to make my Solaris workstation an NFS client to the Linux machine (the other way round compared to what I did months ago). /etc/exports was well configured on the Linux side, and I could actually mount my home directory from the machine itself:

mount localhost:/export/home/bronto /mnt

worked just fine. However, when I tried mounting from Solaris, I got a "No such file or directory".

After some research, it turned out that Solaris attempts to use NFSv4 by default; Linux NFS server has NFSv4 enabled, but the share was not exported with that protocol (only in NFSv3). So I could either export the share in NFSv4, or force Solaris to use NFSv3. I was short on time so I chose the second solution.

My /etc/auto_home now looks like this:

# Home directory map for automounter
bronto  -vers=3 linuxws:/export/home/&

and that just works. But I guess I'll be trying the NFSv4 version soon in the future 🙂


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