Terraform modules release

I am publishing four Terraform modules today. This code has lived into a private repository of mine for two years and I decided that it was time to dig it out, put it in dedicated, public repositories and release it. Two of them were my first experiments in making Terraform modules and probably too simple for general use. The other two are related to CFEngine: one helps making CFEngine test clients, the other making CFEngine servers.

As always, this code is released with a GPL license in the hope that it will be useful to more people than just myself.

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A public inbox S3 bucket

A few weeks ago I found myself in need of a a place where I could share public encryption keys with others for a side project of mine. As the adjective public implies, there is nothing secret about public keys: they can be shared in the open safely, so that was not a concern. The problem was to find a convenient way to do that. More precisely, I needed a place where I could share certain public keys with everyone, and where anyone could put their public keys to share them with me, and with me only.

In the end, I turned to AWS S3 as it is a natural place to look at when it comes to file storage and sharing. But it took a lot of trial and error before I was actually able to find an appropriate configuration for the bucket. I also put some automation with terraform into the mix, both because I prefer to automate things that I may have to do several times, and because it turned out that I’ll have to bring this inbox of mine up and down at need. The outcome is a terraform module that I have just published on github.

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