Artistic trouble ticketing at Opera

Who said that trouble ticketing systems must be boring? A few days ago, a colleague in Poland asked for headphones in a rather original way, giving birth to a very interesting exchange with a sysadmin. … Continue reading


System Administrator Appreciation Day at Opera

First, we found a nice ticket filed for us, where our colleagues in another office showed their appreciation.

The ticket was filed with the code MOPS-1656, and they've been so nice that they even adapted an existing comic for that:

Then, we were brought in a meeting right before lunch, whose goal was to have us all away from our offices and then go all together in the canteen. When we got in the canteen, we found two "reserved" tables for us, with balloons, candies, and filled with caffeinated beverages.

When we came back to our offices, each one of us found a little candy, and this was mine:

…and, finally… cake! A BIG cake for us!!!

So, to all my Opera colleagues, and for all those that will fill like showing their appreciation in the future, thanks.