Bet against me, bet against cancer

WCD_LOGO_RGBI’ve written this post on the plane on February 4th while going back from Gent to Oslo.

It’s some time that February 4th has a special meaning for me. No, it’s not my birthday, nor my wife’s, nor anyone I know’s birthday. February 4th is the World Cancer day and yes, you should care, too.

It’s not necessary to get the illness to understand the importance of cancer research. I’m not ill, but my father died of cancer in 2012, aged 69; or maybe I should say that cancer ate him, bite by bite, breath by breath, literally. And while I’m grateful for what he was able to do for us, his family, during his illness, it hurts. It hurts that the only way to save him was to catch the disease very early and attentively follow-up, not give a chance, because if the disease manages to spread a bit, you’re screwed. And that’s because there were only three different medicines for his type of cancer, and none could save his life. Research has gone only that far.

There is only one thing that I can do to give one more chance to the people I love, my wife, my son, or even myself: help cancer research to advance before cancer takes a chance on one of them. That means donations to cancer research foundations in your country or, as we discussed at the Configuration Management Camp (yes, there, it’s not a mistake), do what we can do with our expertise to facilitate cancer research. While we get going with a plan for a good initiative that tech people can help with, I bet you. I want you to bet against me and against cancer.

Last year I ran two 10km races in Oslo, both on a pace of 6’40″/km (slooooooooowww!!!). I plan to run more 10k races this year, the problem is that I’m not in a good form because I had to reduce the training to focus a bit more on my running technique. As of today, I don’t even have “the distance in my legs”, so to say, and the pace is even slower than 6’40”. That’s a good context for a bet.

I bet that I’ll run the Sentrumsløpet on April 25th at a pace better than 6’40”, and I want you to bet against me. If I make it, then you make a donation to one of your country’s associations that support cancer research. If I lose, then I’ll donate 1000 NOK to Kreftforeningen (but please feel free to make a donation anyway 😉

Who’s in? Let me know by commenting this post.


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