Who’s using my Perl modules?

blog-tpf_logo_150x79It was ten years ago, when the version 0.01 of my module Net::LDAP::Express hit CPAN. And it was early December 2004 when the current version of it, 0.11, landed in the same place. It was my first public module, it was a simple one, it was hit by some criticism in the Perl community and in the perl-ldap community in particular. In short, I always thought that it was just a little, simple module that a very few people would use, and that would never be included in any mainstream product.

Today, for no special reason, I decided to run a search on Google, and I found out I was wrong. Delightfully wrong.

It was strange to see how wrong I was, but nice!

What about you? Are you using any of my Perl modules in your software? If so, it would be so nice if you’d let me know!


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