Installing 3.3.0

Currently I am using Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS on my workstation. I will switch back to Debian as soon as I have time, but for now this is what I have to bear with.

Recently, I've been annoyed by a stupid bug in OpenOffice's presentation effects. This distribution ships with 3.2.0. Once I verified that 3.3 was not affected by this bug, I decided to install it on my system using the official DEB packages.

Unfortunately, the installation instructions in the installation guide are not completely accurate. Since I am going to do this installation on all my PCs, it's better I make a note. And I'll do it here.

The dpkg line in the installation procedure should actually read as:

dpkg -i --force-overwrite*.deb desktop-integration/openoffice.org3.3-debian-menus_3.3-9556_all.deb ooobasis3.3-*.deb   

(prefix it with sudo if you are not root).

That will install openoffice on your system, and also update GNOME menus.


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