Perl 6 is out! Erm… sort of

Nota per gli Italiani: date un'occhiata all'annuncio sul sito

OK, it is not the great day that we all Perlers are longing to see, but it's definitely a notable one. The Rakudo and Perl 6 development teams have just announced the release of Rakudo Star, "a useful and usable distribution of Perl 6".

The announcement says:

Rakudo Star is aimed at "early adopters" of Perl 6. We know that it still has some bugs, it is far slower than it ought to be, and there are some advanced pieces of the Perl 6 language specification that aren't implemented yet. But Rakudo Perl 6 in its current form is also proving to be viable (and fun) for developing applications and exploring a great new language.

It's just like mom bought me a new toy to play with 🙂


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