Redoing RabbitMQ’s tutorial – part 4

RabbitMQ's tutorial 4' scope is: subscribe only to a subset of the messages.

The following shows an implementation of that tutorial (sort of) in Perl with Net::RabbitMQ. As previously, the code is just sketched out and definitely not an example of style: it just aims to show how things work. Once I'll get all the tutorials sorted out in Perl, I'll build on these sketches to create something "real".

Enjoy! … Continue reading


Redoing RabbitMQ’s tutorial – part 1

I am experimenting with RabbitMQ and Perl for a pet project of mine: gravity.

The Perl module Net::RabbitMQ seems to be usable, finally. I decided to give it a go, and reproduce with Perl the python scripts shown in the official RabbitMQ tutorial.

Tutorial 1 starts, unsurprisingly, with an "Hello world!" example:

let's send a message, receive it and print it on the screen. To do so we need two programs: one that sends a message and one that receives and prints it.

I am not going to redo the whole tutorial, just show the finished code. Please refer to the tutorial and to Net::RabbitMQ's documentation for the details. … Continue reading