Testing Oracle Solaris 11 Express

I've been testing Oracle Solaris 11 Express recently. For those who don't remember it, Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems :rip: and killed OpenSolaris :rip: with no official statement, the only information about the process was a leaked internal note (I leave it to you to decide whether that that leakage was real, and if it was intentional or not).

Solaris 11 Express is what remains of OpenSolaris after Oracle decided how they should move forward with it.

The immediate change you may notice in case you want to download and test it is that the license has changed, and that you are not allowed to download it unless you explicitly accept the license. Up to my knowledge, the license allows you to use it for free for personal use, otherwise you need to buy some sort of support; I didn't investigate this further because, well, I am interested in it for personal use at the moment. Why? Well, many reasons. … Continue reading


OpenIndiana to release soon?

As you may know, after Oracle sunk OpenSolaris :rip: a couple of new project arose: one was Illumos, which took the development of the core from where it stopped, and started with rebuilding the "less open"-licensed stuff, and OpenIndiana, which focused on a whole operating system; OpenIndiana starts on the OpenSolaris base, but will eventually use Illumos for the core stuff.

Well. After about 6 months that OpenSolaris was unofficially declared dead, project OpenIndiana is planning its first official release.

Let's see what happens 🙂