Visualizing relationships between makefile targets using graphviz

A few months ago I showed a quick-and-dirty trick to draw a class relationships diagram with graphviz. It was not fully generic, but it did the trick for my situation at hand. And here we go again, this time with Makefile rules. … Continue reading

Drawing puppet class relationships with graphviz

In the last few days, I got the impression that my puppet class hierarchy was growing a bit out of control. In particular, it looked like "glue" classes aimed to simplify stuff were actually causing more harm than benefit. How I found out? Well, it was getting too complicated to understand what included what, and walking the classes by hand quickly became a terrible task.

So, I decided to go for something that could do the work for me: go through my modules, get the include statements, and draw the relationships. Luckily, I remembered I saw that graphviz was designed explicitly to ease that latest task. … Continue reading